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Six great Canadian bagels

By Glenna Tapper
Corporate Communications Manager

All good food come in circles, and bagels are no exception. Take a bite out of these six bagel hot spots.

We can’t start a tour of the great Canadian bagel spots without first visiting Montreal, birthplace of, what, we believe, to be the best bagels in the world.

M.T.L. Bagel Shop holds up to its name—it cuts and rolls out over 5,000 pounds of dough per week to create delicious Montreal-style bagels. What makes M.T.L. Bagel Shop stand out in a city of amazing bagel spots? Their flavours. Banana chocolate chip or coconut bagels? Count us in.

Looking for something a little different than your traditional Montreal or New York style bagel? Look no further than the East Coast Bakery in Halifax. Inspired by traditional bagel styles, East Coast Bakery created a uniquely doughy treat that can only be found in their shop.

For over 25 years, Ottawa-based institution, Kettlemans, has been rolling, kettling and baking Montreal bagels in a wood-burning oven, producing a traditional (and delicious) baked good. This old-fashioned bagel shop offers customers a no-wall experience, so they can watch the Kettlemans’ Bagel Roller in action. We spoke to Kettlemans a while back, read their success story here.

Kiva’s opened its doors in 1979 and has been using wholesome natural ingredients ever since. Each bagel is lovingly prepared over a 12-hour period by hand rolling and kettle boiling. This time honoured tradition means Kiva’s bagels have been ranked as some of the best bagels in Toronto year over year.

Fresh on the bagel scene, Beb’s Bagels are quickly taking Edmonton by storm. Founded by two musicians, the duo sources ingredients from Saskatchewan and northern Alberta. Their Montreal bagels are chewy and not too soft, an ode to their time spent touring in Montreal.

Rosemary Rock Salt is bringing Montreal-style bagels to BC. Their perfectly crispy bagels are boiled in honey water and baked fresh throughout the day on their stone-hearth open-flame oven before being tossed into the bagel chute. Bonus? They believe in community and donate bagels to great causes.

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