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Kettleman’s Bagel Co.: Ottawa’s finest bagel shop

If you live in Ottawa, you know that Kettleman’s Bagel Co. is the place to go to get fresh bagels any day, anytime.

In 1993, Kettleman’s began as an all-day bagel shop; a place to enjoy a delicious bagel whenever the need arose–morning, afternoon or night. In traditional Montreal-style, Kettleman’s bagels are baked in a wood-fired oven, smaller in size, but much sweeter in taste.

Since those humble beginnings, Kettleman’s has grown steadily adding two additional locations in Ottawa, and expanding soon to Toronto.

Spreading the good word (both on and offline)

Aside from the delicious smell from their wood-fired ovens, another signature of this great Ottawa institution is their website: Loaded with amazing food photography and nutritional facts, the website highlights Kettleman’s commitment to fresh ingredients, healthy options and delicious sandwiches. 

In order to create awareness and attract customers, Kettleman’s has a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Keeping up with trends, holidays, and pop-culture references, Kettleman’s social media is loaded with creative, engaging, and funny content to keep their customers entertained–and make them hungry.

“We ultimately settled on as our primary domain. We’re specializing, in my opinion, an iconic Canadian culinary item and having the .CA was an important part of identifying ourselves in the market as a Canadian business,” says Chris Saracino, communications manager.

.CA: a key ingredient of a local business’ online presence

If your business relies on local customers, having a .CA domain name is an essential part of your online presence. A .CA domain name instantly tells your customers that your business is local and proudly Canadian. 

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