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CIRA inspires Québec businesses to embrace locality with a .CA domain through new French video campaign

Adopting a .CA domain name signals that a business is closely tied to its local community and by extension, more attuned to its needs.

OTTAWA, October 2, 2023 In today’s business landscape, where digital presence often prefaces physical interaction, signaling “locality” becomes a competitive edge. In fact, according to a Léger survey, two out of three Québecers prefer a .CA domain name over a .com when they visit a website to support a local business. To signify to Québec’s business owners that a .CA domain name helps their local business stand out online, today, CIRA is launching the second phase of its ad campaign in Québec with the apt tagline Quand c’est .CA, c’est local  (When it’s .CA, it’s local). The campaign takes a dual approach: it calls upon Montréalers to be consciously local in their consumer choices while simultaneously urging local businesses to consider the power of a .CA domain over a .com. 

This year, the campaign elevates its messaging through compelling video storytelling. Quick visual cuts—jumping from cafés to shops, from coffee froth to reusable bags—aren’t just eye-catching; they spotlight Montréal businesses proudly sporting .CA domains. The video mimics the speed and ease of online shopping while capturing urban vitality. 

Adding a human touch, the video features a young plumber declaring his choice for a .CA over a .com domain, epitomizing the campaign’s local-business focus. The company URL,, drives home the point that local domains mean good business. The video closes with its central tagline and a clear call-to-action: (Choose .CA). 

The eight-week campaign—live through October and November—will be available on Québec’s major online platforms, including La Presse, Cogeco, and Québecor Media and will achieve wide reach, succinctly conveying the core message—when it’s .CA, it’s undeniably local.  


Executive quotes 

“The campaign invites us into a larger conversation about the values we prioritize and the communities we choose to support. This isn’t just about domain names. This is about forging a digital identity in tune with local consciousness. It’s a campaign that not only celebrates what it means to be a local business but also underscores the strategic importance of signaling that local-ness to a consumer base increasingly hungry for it.” 

— Paul Sarkozy, Marketing Director, .CA by CIRA 

“We decided to let local businesses in Montréal who chose .CA instead of .com tell the story to local businesses who are looking to build their identity online. What better way to let a plumber, one of those businesses you want within close proximity to deliver the message, “For my website, I chose a .CA domain name instead of .com. I’m displaying myself as local! It’s good for business!” 

— Éric Blais, President at Headspace Marketing Inc 

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About CIRA 

CIRA manages the .CA top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians. It also develops technologies and services—such as CIRA DNS Firewall and CIRA Canadian Shield—that help support its goal of building a better online Canada. The CIRA team operates one of the fastest-growing country code top-level domains (ccTLD), a high-performance global DNS network, and one of the world’s most advanced back-end registry solutions. 


About Headspace Marketing 

Headspace Marketing is a strategic consulting firm committed to building great brands in Quebec. We work closely with clients to address the unique challenges and opportunities they face in the Quebec market. Our deep knowledge of the Québec consumer and our brand-building expertise provide our clients with a true competitive advantage in a market that’s at times misunderstood and often underexploited. 


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Eric Blais
President at Headspace Marketing Inc
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