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CIRA’s Internet Performance Test is one of the most advanced tests of Internet speed and quality available. It is also has the public interest at its core. The test nodes are located in Internet exchange points, rather than within an ISP’s architecture. This allows CIRA to measure the actual performance of an Internet connection in real network conditions, closely representing the Internet experience of Canadian users. To assess your Internet performance we are using a test called the Network Diagnostic Test (NDT) provided by M-Lab.

Canada’s advanced internet speed test for your connection to the Internet.

CIRA Internet Performance Test (IPT)

IPT is a quick and easy test of your Internet connection.

Run a test

With one click you will be able to determine:

Download Speed (how fast you can transfer data FROM the Internet)

Upload Speed (how fast you can transfer data TO the Internet)

Latency (the time it takes your data to travel from your computer to the test server and back again)

DNSSEC Capability (the ability for your computer to use the DNS Security Extensions)

IPV6 Capability (the ability for your computer to connect with the latest Internet Protocols)

…including detailed TCP statistics  available in the advanced view.