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Three ways to modernize your small business

By Ryan Hill
Communication Manager

Many seasoned entrepreneurs live by an “if it’s not broke, why fix it?” philosophy when it comes to modernizing their small business. After all, modernizing comes with its own set of challenges. When you are running your own business, there always seems to be a long list of “to do’s” to deal with first.

But modernizing even a few areas of a business can make a big difference when it comes to serving customers. Here are three areas for small businesses to consider:

  1. Upgrade your hardware. There’s often nothing more frustrating for a business than losing work hours because of technical issues with computers, phone lines or point of sale terminals. If you don’t have experts in house, do some online research to find someone who can give you the right advice. An update for your business could be as easy as purchasing a new computer, adding the flexibility of a tablets or a mobile phone, or upgrading to a better service provider.
  2. Update your software. Make sure you always have the latest updates installed for your connected devices, especially anything that might impact your company’s and your customers’ security. Cloud-based services can provide low-cost, no maintenance access to services small businesses need – from accounting software, to marketing tools and databases. They can be an economical way to upgrade your business without a lot of overhead cost, or management of software licenses.
  3. Ramp up your online presence. If you haven’t already invested in an online presence, look at ways to increase your customer base and maximize your marketing efforts. Your online footprint provides customers with a better view to your business offerings and easy access to relevant information. Leverage your website and social media channels to share incentives, sales and offers. Many tools offer automated services that let you update information easily across multiple platforms. Look for the tools that best fit your online needs.

Don’t get trapped with failing systems, security holes or costly upgrades. By taking a quick audit of your hardware and software needs and revisiting them periodically, you can identify opportunities for improvement and stay on top of issues and developments.

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About the author
Ryan Hill

Ryan Saxby Hill is an expert in communications and digital marketing. He is served as the communications manager at CIRA from 2014-2017. Previously, Ryan led media relations and online engagement efforts at the Canada Foundation for Innovation and has held positions handling global communications and PR programs for Ciena Corporation and Nortel Networks.

Ryan is a founder of Apartment613, an award winning Ottawa-based digital community media organization and serves on the board of directors for the Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, one of Canada’s most innovative non-profit housing providers.