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Maison Privée offers a modern twist on a classic business

When Leo Vergara and Oliver Kult decided to open their own barbershop, they knew that they wanted it to be different. Their goal was to redefine the barbershop experience by creating a sense of place in an environment that blends culture, music and an unmatched love for all things related to barbershops. Maison Privée does just that.

Co-founder Oliver Kult discovered a passion for cutting hair while travelling across North America as a tour manager for bands in the heavy metal scene. With his newfound passion and natural entrepreneurial spirit, Kult pitched the idea for Maison Privée to his friend, and Leandro Vergara quickly jumped on board.

The duo opened their first shop in the summer of 2015 and haven`t look back. By introducing a modern twist on a classic business, Maison Privée has made waves in the Montreal scene, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that their clients love. Vergara and Kult took advantage of their early success, expanding their business to four locations across Montreal within their first year of operation.

On choosing a .CA

As the two built out the concept and branding for Maison Privée, it became evident that a .CA domain name was a natural fit.

“Everything was branded towards the fact that we were French Canadians” says Kult. “When we were shopping around for domain names thinking about the branding, the .CA sounded more like us.”

Despite their aspirations for international expansion in the United States and Europe, the pair plan to keep their .CA as a representation of their Canadian roots.

Entrepreneurial advice

Along with the importance of a strong business partnership and creating a well thought out, structured plan, Kult encourages other young entrepreneurs to seek assistance from others.

“Don’t be scared to ask for help,” Kult advises. “Some people have better skills than you. At some point, your business is going to need those skills.”

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