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Why it’s important to keep your CIRA membership active (and how you can)

By Julie Lépine
Manager, Membership Relations

CIRA members’ fundamental role in our organization is participating in our governance. This means we need your help electing our board of directors and approving our auditors annually. On top of this fundamental role, you, as a member, have access to free events where thought leaders discuss hot topics and emerging issues that impact Canada’s internet and Canadian internet users. You’ll also have access to timely industry information and will be given opportunities to provide us with feedback that helps shape Canada’s digital space.

Accessing these great opportunities—and more—means keeping your membership active and contact information up to date is key!

How to keep your membership active

To keep your CIRA Membership active make sure to renew your .CA domain name registration before it expires! To retain your CIRA Membership you must maintain an active domain registration. If you don’t renew your domain, you may lose your membership. Learn how and when to renew your .CA domain name registration:

  1. Know your domain name expiry date. Look up your domain in the WHOIS directory; the expiry date is in the details. Also, your Registrar may send you renewal reminders as you approach your domain’s expiry date (don’t ignore these!).
  2. Renew your domain name through your Registrar ahead of the expiry date. Act as soon as you can so you don’t lose your domain AND your membership.

Keep your membership information current

Make sure your contact information in your membership profile is up to date and accurate  so you can hear about opportunities to engage in membership activities. Stay in the know, log-in to your member profile to review and if needed, update your information.

Don’t miss out! Here are ways to get involved:

Participate in CIRA’s board of directors election. Learn more.
Mark your calendar to attend Canadians Connected. Learn when.
Watch our Member site for announcements on upcoming events. Bookmark it.

About CIRA membership

Membership is free and only open to .CA holders. It remains active so long as your domain(s) remains registered—there’s no additional renewal process beyond renewing your .CA domain name!

If you’re not a member and have a .CA domain name—become one! Don’t have a .CA domain name? What are you waiting for—register yours today.

CIRA is a member-based organization that values the input of its members and their contributions to enabling a trusted internet. Having a .CA and being a CIRA member supports the great work we do for Canada’s internet.

About the author
Julie Lépine

As the Manager of Membership Relations at CIRA, Julie manages the development, planning and delivery of CIRA’s membership and Member-related activities and engagement. She strives to create opportunities for Members and consumers, and partners to share, connect, and learn and get the most out of their relationship with CIRA.