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CIRA rejects Toronto Star allegations

CIRA rejects Toronto Star allegations
By Spencer Callaghan
Senior Manager, Brand & Communications

CIRA rejects Toronto Star allegations

Helen McDonald, Chair of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), today rejected the allegations made in a Toronto Star article, calling them, “a painful attack on our organization, its staff and Board.” The attacks were designed to damage the reputation of one of Canada’s leading technology organizations, and its CEO, for reasons and by persons unknown.

CIRA is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that operates the .CA domain name space on behalf of its stakeholders. CIRA has a highly regarded record as the Registry of the .CA domain name for over two decades, provides cybersecurity and registry services to organizations in Canada and around the world, and is a key player in domestic and international internet governance.

“The Star today, December 16th, in a deeply unfair account, attempted to revive a four year old story. As a matter of policy, out of respect for their privacy, we do not respond to demands for access to, or comment on, our employees,” the Chair continued.

However, Ms. McDonald added, “Out of respect for CIRA’s stakeholders and our employees, following a report of an incident in 2015, the Board did conduct a complete investigation with the help of external technical and legal advisors. The Board took appropriate action, in accordance with the recommendations of that inquiry.”

The Board also established regular reporting to it on human resources, performance and other employee matters, and updated the organization’s whistleblower program. CIRA remains focused on ensuring a safe and respectful environment.

The Star’s allegations concerning the departure of some former employees were also false. Those departures were unrelated to the incident cited above and were fully documented, proper, and in CIRA’s best interests. CIRA has continued to grow, adding new employees and new business lines, in recent years.

As a result of CIRA’s effective work, it has been consistently and repeatedly recognized, both by its employees and by the industry, as one of the top employers in the National Capital Region over the last five years.

“CIRA is proud of its status as a leading employer and member of the technology community. We are honoured to have been consistently recognized as one of Canada’s top employers, and to have been found to be near the top of our sector in performance and outcomes as measured by respected organizations,” she concluded.

CIRA will have no further comment to make on this matter at this time.