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CIRA AGM: what you need to know about this year’s By-law amendments

By Julie Lépine
Manager, Membership Relations

At this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), members will be asked to confirm amendments to CIRA’s By-law that were approved by the Board on July 20, 2022.  As a CIRA member, we want you to understand the changes to the By-law, the confirmation process and related rules to be followed at CIRA’s AGM on September 15. Here is what you need to know ahead of the AGM to be prepared to vote:

What is a By-law?

Under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, all not-for-profit corporations like CIRA are required to have a By-law that sets out the broad rules for governing the organization.

What has changed in CIRA’s By-law and why?

CIRA’s By-law is regularly reviewed to ensure that it serves the needs of the organization and aligns with good corporate governance principles. Based on its recent review, the Board approved a few housekeeping changes to the By-law to improve organizational processes and efficiencies. As part of our AGM materials, details regarding the amendments to the By-law, including links to the actual edits in tracked changes, have been posted on the event site.

What’s the process of confirming the changes to CIRA’s By-law?

Section 17.01 of CIRA’s By-law provides that By-law amendments are first voted on by the Board, and if approved, they are then confirmed by the members at the AGM.

What are the rules during the process of confirmation?

The revised By-law has already been approved by the Board and is being presented as a package to members for confirmation during our AGM on September 15. Any further proposed changes and/or wordsmithing to the By-law at the AGM is not permitted. Should members choose not to confirm the revised By-law, we would simply revert back to the previous version of the By-law.

More questions about these changes? Email us at [email protected] or reach out on social media, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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About the author
Julie Lépine

As the Manager of Membership Relations at CIRA, Julie manages the development, planning and delivery of CIRA’s membership and Member-related activities and engagement. She strives to create opportunities for Members and consumers, and partners to share, connect, and learn and get the most out of their relationship with CIRA.