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CIRA’s Board election: volunteer opportunity on our nomination committee!

By Julie Lépine
Manager, Membership Relations

Are you a Canadian who is passionate about the internet and CIRA’s work? Looking to volunteer to advance your career or gain committee experience? We have the perfect opportunity for you—join CIRA’s nomination committee!

We’re looking for qualified professionals with governance experience who are interested in ensuring CIRA members have a slate of qualified candidates from which they will elect board directors.

Along with your committee colleagues, you will be tasked with seeking and evaluating applicants and selecting candidates to appear on the nomination committee slate of the final election ballot.

The committee’s role is vital to finding balanced representation on the election ballot that aligns with the background, skills and attributes needed for an effective functioning board. Committee members also facilitate future process improvements by providing feedback to CIRA’s governance committee. Interested? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect.

How much of your time will you volunteer?

Committee members serve two years and commit up to five days for candidate review and selection (depending on the number of applications received, of course). The committee meets 2-3 times per year virtually and in-person; applicants must be available to meet in-person in Ottawa on July 5, 2023. Expenses for travel to Ottawa will be reimbursed.

What is the application and review process?

Applications to join the nomination committee are accepted from Thursday, March 2 at 2 p.m. ET to Thursday, March 16, 2023 on 2 p.m. ET. Late applications will not be accepted.

The application:
You must complete and submit an online application that includes:

  • answers to questions related to your background, skills and experience
  • a statement describing why you are interested in being part of CIRA’s nomination committee and what you can contribute
  • your resume

Review for completeness:
During the application period, CIRA staff review all applications to ensure they are complete, include all required attachments and have been submitted on time.

You will receive two confirmations: one indicating that your application was received and another confirming eligibility and that your application will be moving forward for review by CIRA’s governance committee.

Should there be any issues with your application, staff will communicate with you directly; be sure to watch your email and be available by telephone.

Review and selection by CIRA’s governance committee:
All eligible applications are reviewed by the governance committee for alignment with the criteria described in section 6.01(c) of CIRA’s Bylaw.

If you’re selected to be a member of the nomination committee, you will be informed of your appointment and your name will be posted publicly on CIRA’s election website in April.

For more information on CIRA’s Board election, you can go to

About CIRA membership

CIRA is a member-based organization that values the input of its members and their contributions to enabling a trusted internet. Having a .CA and being a CIRA member supports the great work we do for Canada’s internet.

Membership is free and only open to .CA holders. It remains active so long as your domain(s) remain registered—there’s no additional renewal process beyond renewing your .CA domain name!

If you’re not a member and have a .CA domain name—become one! Don’t have a .CA domain name? What are you waiting for—register yours today.



About the author
Julie Lépine

As the Manager of Membership Relations at CIRA, Julie manages the development, planning and delivery of CIRA’s membership and Member-related activities and engagement. She strives to create opportunities for Members and consumers, and partners to share, connect, and learn and get the most out of their relationship with CIRA.