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Top 10 posts on CIRA’s blog in 2018

This past year we've shared all kinds of insight on CIRA's blog; everything from butter tarts to cybersecurity, from data sovereignty to gift giving. As we wrap up 2018, I wanted to share 10 favourites. Happy reading!
By Alison Gareau
Communications Manager

This past year we’ve shared all kinds of insight on CIRA’s blog; everything from butter tarts to cybersecurity, from data sovereignty to gift giving. As we wrap up 2018, I wanted to share 10 favourites. Happy reading!

As 2018 draws to a close, I thought I’d look back at some of our top blogs from the year. We’ve covered a lot of ground and shared our perspectives on a lot of different topics. Below are 10 favourites – and if you missed any of them throughout the year, now’s your chance catch up.

Top 10 favourites

1. There’s never been a better time to embrace your Canadian brand

Here at CIRA, we know the value of branding yourself Canadian online, including by choosing a .CA domain. This post from July explains why, using data from Canada’s Internet Factbook, released annually.

2. Imagine an IXP in the Arctic

In May, CIRA’s CTO Jacques Latour pondered what an internet exchange point (IXP) could mean for communities in the Arctic. He described what it might look like and how it could change the lives of Canadians living there. Just a few short months later, Jacques wrote a post from Iqaluit , about how CIRA and others are bringing this idea to life.

3. PIPEDA: What Canadians businesses need to know

This post gives Canadianbusinesses the scoop on changes to PIPEDA, Canada’s privacy regulations. Big changes came our way this past November, and CIRA’s 2018 Cybersecurity Survey Report found that 38 per cent of Canadians businesses lacked awareness of PIPEDA requirements.

4. Holiday gift guide for Canadians: 11 sites for online shopping

Since we know that Canadians prefer shopping at .CA websites, we decided to showcase 11 sites full of unique gifts. From socks to cookies, Christmas sweaters to health and beauty products – our list will help you stuff your stockings with the perfect Canadians gifts!

5. Unintended consequences ahead should FairPlay proposal proceed

Earlier this year, the Canadian internet was all a buzz about a proposal by FairPlay Canada. This coalition of Canadian organizations proposed that the CRTC form a not-for-profit organization to monitor websites offering possibly pirated material and requiring internet service providers in Canada to block them. Our CEO Byron Holland shared CIRA’s counter proposal with a technical argument against FairPlay. Since then, the CRTC has rejected the FairPlay proposal .

6. Three great Canadian dessert websites

We often shares examples of great .CA websites, and this post got our mouths watering. With butter tarts, Nanaimo bars and donuts it’s stocked full of sweet Canadian indulgences.

7. Thankful for a domain that gives back

Our corporate strategic goal at CIRA is to build a better online Canada. One of the ways we do this is by giving back directly to the Canadian internet. And we’re not alone! Other country code top-level domains around the world have similar programs in place and Byron Holland shared a little about this in a pre-Thanksgiving blog post.

8. Data sovereignty: What you need to know and why you should care

Nearly one year ago, Jacques Latour provided insight on data sovereignty and why Canadians should be concerned with the information they are sharing via the internet and how it may be moving outside of Canada. He also offered one way mitigate these risks.

9. Five projects inspiring CIRA’s staff through CIRA’s Community Investment Program

In July, we asked our colleagues to share their favourite Community Investment Program grant recipients and why these projects stood out to them. We captured a few of their quotes and shared them via the blog and we’re sure this will inspire others as well.

10. Top 10 tidbits about Canadians and the internet

CIRA released its annualCanada’s Internet Factbook in June and I shared a blog with 10 tidbits from that report including Canadians’ love for Netflix, how we like to order food online and how much we love supporting our fellow Canadians.

About the author
Alison Gareau

Alison Gareau manages corporate communications for CIRA. She has worked within non-profit organizations throughout her career and has expertise in business communications, branding, change management and public relations.