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Seeking candidates for CIRA’s Board of Directors

By CIRA Staff

At CIRA, we believe that Canadians should be educated about how the internet develops, and have the opportunity to act on it. Being part of CIRA’s board of directors means helping build a better online Canada.

CIRA is governed by a board of directors, and every year, around this time, a number of seats on the board become vacant. We’re looking for qualified candidates to put their name forward to fill four seats on the board.

Whether you use the internet for work or play, you can influence the future development and direction of the internet in Canada. Participating in CIRA’s governance is one way you can help build a better online Canada.

The role of CIRA directors is to represent the corporation. The board of directors provide strategic direction and oversight to help guide CIRA as it fulfills its mandate to manage the .CA domain as a key public resource for the benefit of all Canadians. As well, the board plays a key role in helping build a better online Canada through initiatives such as the community investment program, cybersecurity products, and the development of internet exchange points.

Here’s a CIRA governance guide 101 on how the board of directors election works and what you should know about applying.

What skills and experience are we looking for?

Each year the CIRA board of directors submits a Board Competencies and Diversity Report that outlines the skills and experience the nomination committee should look for when reviewing applications and who members should consider when voting.

The specific background and experience priorities for the September 2019 election have been identified as:

  • Finance, Accounting and Audit – specifically a minimum of one additional board member is strongly recommended with professional qualifications in these areas;
  • Experience with and understanding of community investment programs and community improvement, particularly in the technology sector; and
  • Experience, and understanding of the areas of law related to CIRA’s business, such as contract, internet, IT, privacy, trademark, patent, etc.

Other skills highlighted in the report of what to look for in candidates include:

  • Demonstrated leadership skills that ideally include an indication of a creative and innovative approach to problem solving.
  • Ability to listen and be open to others’ perspectives including an ability to ask pertinent questions to help foster mutual understanding.
  • Ability to understand risks, opportunities and implications both environmental and internal that may impact CIRA.

Nomination committee slate & member slate

Elected directors from the nomination committee slate and member slate serve as equals on the board. They all serve three-year terms, but the application process and deadlines and how candidates are selected are different. 

For the nomination committee slate anyone who has the necessary skills and experience can apply. A Nomination Committee vets and selects candidates to appear on the nomination committee slate of the ballot for election. You can start applying for the nomination committee slate on June 4 and the application period closes June 18, 2019.

For the members’ slate, you must be a CIRA member (If you’re a .CA holder, you can become a member – and it’s free!) and have the necessary skills and experience to apply. In this nomination round, members must also narrow down the list of candidates ahead of the vote, by showing support for a nominee. Nominees who receive more than 20 shows of support will appear as a candidate on the members’ slate of the ballot for election. The members’ slate application period begins July 31 and the deadline to apply is August 14, 2019. Following the application period, members show their support for candidates starting on August 28 until September 11.

For both the slates CIRA members vote for 3 nomination committee candidates and for one member candidate. The voting period begins during CIRA’s annual general meeting on September 25 and members have seven days to cast their vote.

What are the opportunities in joining CIRA’s board?

Board members help CIRA in its mandate to foster the development of .CA as a key public resource for all Canadians and build a better online Canada. If that is not inspiring enough, here’s more on the opportunities of the role:

  • Gain valuable insight and experience developing and implementing policies that support Canada’s internet community and the .CA registry internationally.
  • Apply your skills and expertise to help develop the strategic direction of CIRA.
  • Help build a better online Canada by supporting the ongoing development of the internet.
  • Have an impact on the day-to-day lives of Canadians by enhancing the quality of their experiences online.

CIRA’s board of directors are compensated for their work.

For more information on CIRA’s board of directors election, you can go to

Not a member?

If you are a .CA holder, you can become a CIRA member. As a member, you get the opportunity to be involved in our governance processes by voting in the board of directors election and annual general meeting. You also get to attend local events for networking, business development and knowledge sharing and stay up-to-date on CIRA’s latest initiatives, industry trends and issues that affect Canadians every day.  

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