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Here are the top three reasons to join us for Canadians Connected 2019

The internet has a famously short attention span, so we whittled it down to the top reasons you should RSVP today.
By Erica Howes
Communications Specialist

The internet has a famously short attention span, so we whittled it down to the top reasons you should RSVP today.

We’re gearing up for the federal election in the fall and issues like fake news, cyberattacks and election meddling are making headlines across the country.

As a Canadian voter, which internet policy issues impact you? And what do you need to know leading up to the federal election?

That’s the focus of Canadians Connected 2019 on September 25. At CIRA, we’re dedicated to improving our country’s internet, and we want to ensure that our members and the general public have a place to discuss and understand the key digital policy issues facing voters and lawmakers this election cycle. 

Canadians Connected is the place to learn about these issues and be part of CIRA’s annual general meeting. You can attend in-person in Ottawa or via webcast from anywhere in Canada. We want you there so much that we made it free!

There are dozens of reasons you should join us for Canadians Connected. But, because the internet has a famously short attention span, we whittled it down to the top three reasons you should RSVP today:


1. Canadians Connected will get you up to speed on what you need to know about digital policy before the federal election.

Since the beginning of 2019 there have been a slew of major digital policy announcements affecting Canada’s internet, from the government’s new Digital Charter to the CRTC’s recent decision to promote competition amongst internet service providers. But with so much to keep track of, what key digital policy issues lie ahead in the 2019 federal election?

To help fill this gap, CIRA will bring together leaders in Canadian internet policy for a panel discussion of the major issues, where the parties stand, and what you can do to educate yourself as you head to the polls this fall. You’ll also get the chance to ask your questions.

2. You will hear from one of the world’s leading privacy experts, Dr. Ann Cavoukian.

With so much information online, what do you need to know about data protection, your privacy rights, and who to trust online? Dr. Ann Cavoukian is the former Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario and keynote for this year’s Canadians Connected. She will cover issues ranging from privacy to data protection, and explain how decisions on these issues will affect your daily life.

3. You’ll have the chance to network with others interested in shaping the Canadian internet.

You’ll be in the room with some of Canada’s brightest minds on internet policy. After the panel discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with speakers, CIRA staff and fellow CIRA members.  

If you’re not already, become a CIRA member – it’s free and open to all .CA holders. As a member, you can stay up to date on how CIRA is giving back to Canada’s internet and be the first to know about events like member meet-ups happening around the country. Members also get to vote at the AGM portion of the event and vote during the board of directors election.

Mark your calendar for September 25, and register for Canadians Connected today

About the author
Erica Howes

Erica works in corporate communications at CIRA. Her background is in writing and community relations in the non-profit sector. She is a graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program.