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This initiative enables Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) to join a growing network of communities using Mackenzie DataStream as a platform for collaboration and information sharing. Mackenzie DataStream is a new, open access tool for sharing water information in Canada’s Mackenzie Basin. DataStream was designed in a unique public-private partnership between The Gordon Foundation, the Government of the Northwest Territories and communities in the Northwest Territories. When Mackenzie DataStream launched in November 2015, it contained water data collected by 21 communities in the N.W.T. and there is strong interest in extending this initiative to other jurisdictions in the Mackenzie Basin. FNFN, located in B.C., is well-positioned to be the first partner outside the N.W.T. to test DataStream’s Basin-wide application and is committed to watershed-level collaboration and data sharing for effective water stewardship throughout the Mackenzie Basin.

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