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Portage College serves seven First Nations and four Métis communities in Northeastern Alberta, providing education and employment training programs – and like many First Nations communities in Canada, until recently the area lacked reliable broadband access for its residents. Now that more residents have internet access, Portage wanted to ensure they understand how to use technology, can safely and effectively navigate the internet and can maximize the benefits of this new tool available to them. Portage delivered in-person classes primarily for seniors and Elders to help build basic computer skills and increase their confidence when using the internet.


Small class sizes minimized stress and maximized connections between teachers and students, and students enjoyed connecting over a cup of coffee while learning important digital skills. The long-term expectation is that these resources will continue to be refined and shared amongst Community Adult Learning Programs across the province.



Elk point picture 1

Elk Point picture 2

Photos courtesy of Portage College

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