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We ultimately settled on as our primary domain. We’re specializing, in my opinion, an iconic Canadian culinary item and having the .CA was an important part of identifying ourselves in the market as a Canadian business.

Chris Saracino
Communications Manager, Kettleman’s Bagel Co.

kettlmans shop.png

Whether your business serves your community fresh bagels 24/7, sells items made in Canada, or offers a service that caters to a local market, a .CA domain lets your customers know that your business is proudly Canadian.

A catchy and memorable domain name lets potential customers know what your business is all about, and that your website is safe, credible and trusted. Get started building your website today by searching for an available .CA domain name.

Why register a .CA domain name?

Brand your business as Canadian: only businesses and individuals with a Canadian presence can register a .CA domain name.

Attract more customers: 64% of Canadian internet users prefer making online purchases from Canadian retailers when they have a choice.


By registering a .CA domain, you’re helping build a better online Canada through CIRA’s Community Investment Program.



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