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Cyber protection for organizations no matter where they let users work or learn

With remote work becoming more popular, employees are now accessing company resources and data on public and home networks.

CIRA DNS Firewall off-network protection is an application which enables DNS privacy, mobile cybersecurity and content filtering off-network.

Cloud cybersecurity endpoint protection helps to keep devices protected while on and off the VPN without impacting device performance or requiring specialized hardware.

Full deployment in minutes

All it takes is a simple change to your organizations’ external DNS setting. Operate as your recursive resolver (recommended) or in-line with your own resolver for local caching.

Support for remote workers

Off-network protection is enabled via a non-intrusive and light client installed on laptops, phones and other devices. Deployable by mobile device management (MDM), Group Policy (Active Directory) or manual installation from app stores.

Manage devices and groups

Individual devices and teams can have unique filtering policies and be assigned to multiple computers and devices or networks.

Network management

Easy to configure multiple networks with different profiles and to roll up reporting into single views, including managing corporate and public networks.

Device reporting

Monitor threat activity and DNS queries to identify problems and infected devices. Disable individuals and teams from the management console.

Supported systems:

Android Version 4.3 and above

iOS Version 9.0 and above

Windows Version 10 and above

ChromeOS 80.x and above

MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later

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