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CIRA Canadian Shield

We think that CIRA Canadian Shield is a pretty helpful layer of cybersecurity and DNS privacy for Canadian households. If you agree, then please help us show your fellow Canadians using some of the assets below.

If you are a blogger or reviewer and would like to publish your own review of Canadian Shield, please feel free to use any of the assets or text on this page. If you’re looking for stock images to go with it,  consider a visit to our Canadian stock photography library.


CIRA Canadian Shield media content

CIRA Canadian Shield provides enterprise-grade privacy and cybersecurity protection to Canadians by leveraging our national DNS infrastructure and decades of experience in protecting Canada’s internet. 

As a non-profit organization committed to strengthening Canada’s internet, we have no interest in monetizing the browsing data of Canadians. CIRA Canadian Shield is available as a free DNS service that operates on IPv4, IPv6 and the newest DNS encryption standards as well as by mobile app download. 

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CIRA Canadian Shield Logo

CIRA Canadian Shield logo

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