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medalCIRA is proud to partner with Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN) to deliver the first initiative funded through the CANARIE Cybersecurity Initiatives Program.

Built by the community, for the community, this program coordinates and aligns national initiatives to strengthen the research and education sector’s cybersecurity capacity.

If your organization is participating in the Cybersecurity Initiatives Program and has executed the Organization Cybersecurity Collaboration Agreement (OCCA) with CANARIE, the CIRA team will help you to onboard with the DNS Firewall and provide 24/7 support.

If you are unsure about the status of your organization’s participation in this program, please contact the NREN Partner organization in your province or territory.


Confirm eligibility and enroll
If you are unsure about your status please contact your NREN Partner organization.


Get portal access
Sign up below to get credentials and/or book an onboarding meeting.


Go live!
Configure your blocks lists, add your networks, and you’re done!

Firewall Features

Join 42 organizations (and counting) already in the program

Higher educational organizations in Canada see 5x higher threat blocking rates in the CIRA DNS Firewall than their peers in other public sector areas.
  • Private with all data kept secure and sovereign
  • Faster data can optimally route on networks in Canada to improve performance
  • Unique threat intelligence from a leader in global DNS to deliver true defence in depth
  • Be part of a community committed to a successful future for Canadian cybersecurity

Some of the organizations contributing to the success