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An even easier way to surf safely – two minutes of set-up to block hundreds of thousands of malware and phishing sites.

canadian shield extension - why

Why we’re offering this

In order to make CIRA Canadian Shield accessible and easily usable to even more Canadians, we are now offering a browser extension. Once installed, the extension protects all browsing activity and prevents users from going to malicious sites.

The service allows users to easily switch between the protection levels that Canadian Shield offers (Private, Protected and Family). It is also perfect for people who are unable to access protection through their network or modem – this could include a shared WiFi network or hitting the road for travel.

How it works

Install CIRA Canadian Shield on your browser – currently available for Firefox and Chrome.

When you attempt to visit a website that’s on our list of malicious websites, you’ll be blocked from visiting and protected from harmful incidents like a malware or phishing attacks.

Your privacy is paramount. CIRA does not store or sell your website browsing data.

Canadian Shield Extension - Key Benefits

Key benefits

  • Protects against malware, phishing and scam sites
  • Easy to install
  • Free
  • Powered by Canadian Shield

Install now:

Learn more about Canadian Shield

Have additional questions about the browser extension?
Check out the Canadian Shield FAQ.