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Get your .CA today!



85% of Canadians prefer to be on a .CA domain than a .com when supporting local businesses.*

*Research conducted in 2022 by the Strategic Counsel


Set your business up for success

Secure your brand online, drive site traffic and cater to customers with a .CA

Score your desired domain name 

With only around 3 million .CA domain names registered – as opposed to over 160 million .com domains, there’s a far better chance the domain you want for your business is available as a .CA!

Get found in local online search results

Your .CA domain name tells Google that your business and website are Canadian. This helps make it far more relevant to visitors searching for local Canadian results.

Create a localized shopping experience for your customers 

A .CA domain tells your customers that you charge in CAD dollars, ship to Canada, pay and collect Canadian taxes and you’re a local Canadian business.

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.CA or .com domain? Or both?

Only one domain can convey that your website is Canadian


.CA is ideal for businesses that…

  • Sell primarily to Canadians
  • Offer services to a specific geographic region in Canada (restaurants, hair salons, florists etc.)
  • Feature Canada proudly as a central element of their brand

Having a .CA and a .com is ideal for businesses that…

  • Currently operate internationally or plan to
  • Want to protect and control their brand online


How to buy a .CA domain

Buying a .CA domain is quick and easy

1. Search for an available
.CA domain name.

Find out if a domain name is available to register by using our domain search tool.


If it’s not available, you can:

   • select a suggested alternative that appears,

   • search again for a different domain, or

   • look into getting a domain that’s already taken

2. Choose the best
domain registrar.

CIRA manages .CA for all Canadians, but we don’t sell domains directly. Using our search tool, select a registrar that meets your needs and price point.

3. Buy your
.CA domain name.

Once you’ve picked your registrar, you’ll go through their platform to complete your registration. You should expect to pay between $10-$20 per year for a .CA domain.

Ready to get started?

Use our search tool to see if your business domain name is available as a .CA and purchase it today!